error message "TBedCOMPILE.EXE is missing. Pre-compiling is aborted."

I purchased True Basic Bronze Edition Version 6002.
I am using Windows Vista. The only time I can get programs
to run is immediately after installing True basic.
When I close the editor and reopen it and try running any
code I type in, or any demo true basic program, I get the
error message "TBedCOMPILE.EXE is missing. Pre-compiling is aborted."
I've tried rebooting my computer and running True basic, but I
continue to get the same error message. I have to reinstall the
program before each use. I have True Basic Bronze 5.5 and it works


I Resolved the problem

I had to ( right click ) my TrueBasic Icon and ( select Properties), then press the (Advanced Button) and (check) the Run as Administrator (Box) then press the OK Button.
After doing this the programs run without any problems.

TBedCOMPILE.EXE is missing. Pre-compiling is aborted

I bought TB Silver 6.006 a couple of weeks ago and installed it in Windows 7. Same problem, runs once and then stops running. Hey all you Good People at TB: please fix this thing LIKE NOW! You have known about it for almost 2 years. Without this comment thread the program would be unusable. How have all the other Vista and 7 users been able to run it at all, some of them must have hade the same problem?
Folke Stenman

This thread predates the fix

It is fixed as much as it can be within Windows' user account control environments - see this forum post for details.


The TBEDCOMPILE error is a direct result of permissions preventing TB from writing to that top-level folder, so to fix it you have to change the permissions.

The above fix will work; a similar permanent fix to this is to set the user permissions for the installation folder itself (True BASIC Gold v6 etc or whatever it was named at installation): right-click the top-level folder, go to Properties, Security tab, then edit the permissions for the CREATOR-OWNER user. Add Full Control or Write and the program should work properly going forward without having to "run as administrator" each time.

TBedCOMPILE.EXE problem & Solution

May I second the previous response: LIFE SAVER ! ! !

I would like to thank the previous contributors to this forum, one, for posting the problem and, two, for posting the solution. Without those two essential actions, this type of distribution of knowledge and shared problem solving power is not possible.

I was able to very quickly get past something which I thought was going to be a real limitation on my ability to run True Basic on a Windows Vista machine and require many frustrating hours of problem solving attempts (which I can't afford to spend on chasing something that I didn't even know was there or not.)

Again, Many Thanks.

LIFE SAVER! Yes it works

LIFE SAVER! Yes it works

Vista issue

Glad to hear you were able to resolve it so quickly. This is a very common between Vista and many different software packages and there is little to be done about it besides running as administrator, though if the software is installed in a different directory there is no conflict.

Another user also just posted a more technical way around this - I haven't tried it myself but it looks like it would help.

Happy coding!