resetting initial 'open file' default directory in 5.602

Another 'wish list' item...

The 'open file' dialogue box appears to open at the last-used directory (even if that location was used for saving a file, rather than opening one), and, by default for its initial use, at the TB program directory under '/Program Files'. This is not a very convenient location (at least for me). Is there some way to reset the default location for initial use? Or perhaps 'hotstart' could remember the directory where 'open file' was last used?

Also, it would be helpful if saving a bound program didn't reset the location of 'open file' (only opening a file should do that).



Yes, hotstart can certainly set the current working directory. I will make it so in the next release.

Again, whatever directory is selected to OPEN a file can be made the current working directory. Likewise, saving files can be prevented from changing the working directory. If that arrangement is generally agreed then it can me made so.

Big John

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By all means!

TBSilver's editor always opens in its own directory and I'm usually working on something far from there.


Initial directory

I have tried SET DIRECTORY and EXEC_chdir but in neither case does this do anything to the initial default directory in the OPEN FILE dialog box. It would seem the editor has no control over the initial directory, however I have adjusted version 5.603 so that only opening a file can change the current working directory.

Big John