Why is there no MacOSX version of Trubasic after so many years?

Though I currently live and work in Spain, I used to teach at a high school in the U.S. While teaching there I took some courses at Dartmouth and also did s low-level programming class at my school. At the time our computers were using various versions of what is now called "Classic" OS. I remember driving to White River Junction, VT, or Lebanon NH (I'm not sure which it was, now), to discuss the announced arrival of a True Basic version that could run on OS X, without having to launch the "Classic" OS. I'm not sure how long ago that was anymore... but it has been several years. Now I'm back in the States, and was having fun running True Basic Bronze on my old G4 tower running Classic. I decided that I'd buy a copy of True Basic for my laptop (a MacBook), even if it cost a fair amount. I was very surprised to learn that there is still no version available that I can run right out of the box! Aren't any of the brainy types at True Basic capable of that feat, or is there some other reason (legal?) why this can't be developed or marketed?


Wish I could find an older version for vintage macintosh

I know this is an old post, but I am in search of a version of True Basic that will run on "vintage" macs, ideally something that will run on System 6 and System 7. I contacted sales, and they no longer have anything, was hoping maybe someone would read this and have an old version still kicking around.

That, and...

I second what John has said, and will add that with the development of some really solid emulator tools it has become even less pressing to develop a Mac-only edition of TB at this point. Many, many users (including at least one all-school deployment that I am aware of) successfully work with TB for Windows on their OS X Macs using Crossover, Virtual PC, Sheepshaver or similar emulator/dual boot setups. This is covered in a bit more detail in our FAQ.

The decision to abandon Mac development wasn't an easy one and it still enters the conversation from time to time, but as the above-mentioned tools enter further into common use it becomes less and less necessary and - as John points out - less financially viable.

MAC OSX version


The reason why there is no MAC OSX version is that it is too expensive to develop such a version with too little prospect of recovering even a portion of these development costs, because the market for the MAC version is far too small. The basic fault lies at the Apple doorstep. Their dismissive attitude towards legacy code is the root of the problem. Nobody will say that MS Windows is perfect, but at least code developed for Win95 still works on all subsequent Windows operating systems all the way up to Windows 7. In the case of the MAC, the costs of developing and re-developing versions to suit 7.6, 8.6 and 9.2 severely crippled the profits made from Windows.

Big John