Debug Breakpoint in True Basic 6002 does not Display Variables

I Have Windows Vista. I tried the Debug Function.
and it will not run any program with variables listed after
the Breakpoint statement as shown in the documentation.
The Break Statement also is slightly different then it appears
in the documentation.( for example in the documentation it appears as
>>>>>>>>>>BREAKPOINT>>>>>>>>>> but in the editor it appears as
!>>>>>>>>>>BREAKPOINT>>>>>>>>>> . The breakpoint statement by itself
works , But adding any variables after it will generate errors that make no sense. For example running the following simple program in
Debug mode generates the errors listed after the following program

let a = 3
let b = 12
let c = a * b
!>>>>>>>>>>BREAKPOINT>>>>>>>>>> a
print c

*FREE:5:11:Must Be An ARRAY
*FREE:6:11:Must Be An ARRAY]
*FREE:7:5:This must first appear in a DIM or DECLARE DEF




Thanks for being so observant.

Yes, you are quite correct. The multiple corrections to version 6.001 resulted in the array that holds the values of variables which are displayed at a breakpoint not being dimensioned. This has already been corrected in 6.003.

Although breakpoint variables were displayed in version 6.001 the array dimensioning only applied locally. In version 6.003 the array dimensions are PUBLIC to the whole program unit.

Big John