BUGLIST version 6.002


As a result of extremely useful feedback from usrs, I can now inform users that three new bugs have been detected in version 6.002. These have been corrected in version 6.003.

(1) As a result of numerous bugs (or missing features) in the TBsystem file, it is necessary to add a whole block of extra code to any user program so that it can be run successfully by the TBsystem file. In the case of EXTERNAL and MODULE program units, this extra code prevents these program units from compiling. This problem has been resolved by removing the extra code from these two cases.

(2) During the many improvements from version 6.001 to 6.002 the dimensioning of the internal array used by breakpoints got erased. The array dimensioning has now been restored and its scope has been widened by making the array PUBLIC.

(3) The CUT/COPY feature in the TBeditor didn't work properly if a whole line was being cut or copied. When such a line was re-pasted into the text, the end-of-line character was missing so the following line was appended to the pasted line. This has now been corrected.

Version 6.003 will shortly be issued. Please note that when re-installing any new version, the previous version file called TBedits.cfg should be deleted. On start-up the new version will create a new copy of this file.

Big John