Your Favorite Online True BASIC Resources

Hello TB users!

I would like to compile a list of online True BASIC-related resources for inclusion here on the site. If you have any other websites, forums, etc., related to TB which you (or others) find useful, please include a link here. I will be putting these together on a "resources" page for new and existing users to find additional help with TB.

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Peter Nikolaidis


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Your Favorite Online True BASIC Resources

Why not just set up a special section of this TB site to be such a "resource"? People could post any subs, functions, and so on that they were willing to share.

Submissions would be in the form of ready-to-use, cut and paste, "code snippets" just as they are in the two sites mentioned elsewhere in this thread.

Perhaps this would be categorized into sub sections, e.g., string handling, math, graphics, misc, etc., for the convenience of those seeking particular types of code.

It should have some sort of "index by title" within each subsection, (with an indication of what level of TB is required, Gold, Silver, etc.) The title should be reasonably descriptive, not just a file name. That way one wouldn't have to wade through the whole thing just to find something.

Just a thought off the top of my head.

Mike C.

re: Your Favorite Online True BASIC Resources

I'm not aware of almost any True BASIC resources. The only one I can think of is:

Ernest Gundel
Synovate, Inc

TB Resources

I like

The programs are meant to accompany a book but are pretty much self explanatory.