6.003 update is out

6.0 customers - the 6.003 update has been released and is now available to download in your user account (Files tab).

Any questions - just let us know.


BTree Problem?

I'm trying to run program BT_NewDb from the BTree manual. The only thing I changed was to add .trc to
the library name (could TB be made to default to .trc for libraries?) The first time I run it, it should create the file and tell me how many bytes long the file is. Instead, it gives me an error saying the file doesn't exist. Of course it doesn't! That's the purpose of this program, to create the file!
I can't see anything obviously wrong with the code unless WHEN ERROR IN blocks don't work right in TB 6. This is where my previous message about lack of tracing came from. I'm trying to debug this program.
Has anyone made this program work? Thanks for any insights you may have.



This program has a fatal flaw in the logic.

First the program checks to see if the proposed file already exists. If it doesn't then the error handler makes a note that it is a new file. The important part to notice here is that the EXTYPE error number is 9003 (no such file).

Next the program attempts to open a new file with: CALL BTopen

Now the program makes a fatal mistake. It assumes that if BTopen manages to create the new file then EXTYPE will be zero, and if it fails to create a new file then EXTYPE will be greater than zero (9003). The problem here is that EXTYPE is ALREADY 9003 even before the CALL BTopen, so even if BTopen is successful then EXTYPE will still be 9003. There is no way to reset EXTYPE=0 so a different method is required to check if CALL BTopen was successful.

This program produces the same results with versions 5.31, 5.42, 5.5b19 and 6.003.

I hope this helps.

Big John

Tracing in 6.003?

Is there a way to trace execution in 6.003? I can set breakpoints but then I only have the option to continue. I can't even seem to look at the current value of variables. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but if not, this is a major limitation in TB and quite a step backward from 5.x.



If you insert a list of the variables (separated by commas)you wish to inspect immediately after a breakpoint, then when the program halts, a list of the values of these variables will be displayed together with a CONTINUE button. This feature was not dimensioned correctly in version 6.002, but this big has now been cured in version 6.003.

Big John

TB 6

I have TB Gold 6.02 but the update file sent to my download area was TB Silver 6.03. Can I get the Gold version?

All set

Hi Tom,

Sorry about that - database snafu. The file is now there and is valid until 12/28.