I have an exam coming up and need to know this. please help?

What range of numbers will be generated by the following
LET B = INT(RND * 85) + 24
LET B = INT(RND * 56) + 17
LET B = INT(RND * 35) + 1

What is the value of Number in the following
LET Number = MAX(ABS(-43), MIN(43, (5*12)))
LET Number = REMAINDER(SQR(81), INT(4.7)) * ROUND(13.4)

Given the following program:
a. What is the value of J when the program has finished
b. How many times will When will it snow? be printed?
c. What is the purpose of the REM statement in the

REM this is a weather-friendly program
FOR J = 50 TO 20 STEP - 7
PRINT "When will it snow?!"
PRINT "the value of J is now"; J



We don't do homework for people but if you tell us what you think the answers are and why, we can discuss it and teach you a few things in the process. In the first example (using RND) what is the range of random numbers returned by RND? If you look up the answer to that as well as the definition of INT, you can easily calculate the range generated by the statements. Have you tried? If so, what did you get? In the second and third examples, how about typing in the programs and running them, then trying to figure out WHY they get the answers they do?