The Editors Print and Listing Functions do not work

I have True Basic Bronze 6.003 and am using Windows Vista.
When I select Print from the file menu to print any program Listing in the editor I get the following error message ( Unknown or invalid object ID. ), and when I select listing from the File Menu I get the following error ( Unknown Window Method )




The error message reveals the reason for this bug. Originally the editor used the TxetEdit control from the TrueCtrl library and at that time the PRINT options library module used by the editor all worked correctly. Much later on, the TextEdit control was changed to a specially written version - not from TrueCtrl, but the PRINT options library was never updated to match the new TextEdit control. This has now been corrected in version 6.004.

Thanks for pointing out this over-sight. It is easy to make silly mistakes like this, particularly when the modifications at the time had nothing to do with printing. In fact the error message concerns switching off the TextEdit control before starting the printing process. Because the new TextEdit control is not part of TrueCtrl, the editor could not find a valid ID for it - hence the error message. The print process itself still works correctly.

Big John