unexpected delete in new editor

when highlighting last word on a line in editor and hitting the 'delete' key the entire line is unexpectedly deleted.

v 6.003 on win 7 x 64 home premium on HP/Intel computer




I can't reproduce this on any computer that I have.
Can you explain in detail how you managed to do this?

Big John

Unexpected Delete

John I have Windows Vista and the Bronze version. I was also able to reproduce this problem by loading the archery demo program in and highlighting last word of the line and hitting the Delete key. I had the same results as Carl did. There were times where only the entire Comment was deleted and the rest of the line remained. I also noticed that just highlighting the last character of the last word and hitting Delete removes the whole line.



OK I can now reproduce the effect you reported.
In the last set of bug fixes from version 6002 to 6003, I improved the COPY feature so that it included the end-of-line characters. In doing so I accidentally removed an equals sign as follows:
IF endchar<=linelength-2 then

this became:
IF endchar