Error window -- placement of cursor; version 5.602; editor crash

The editor couldn't find a needed library (one I wrote myself, and which works fine with version 5.42). When I clicked on this message in the error window, the cursor was placed at the end of the program (which had no relation to the error), rather than at the library statement at the beginning (which I would expect).

After I changed the Library path, the program doesn't run properly -- only a blank output window is produced. The command window reports: "Exception 2001 caused at line 1635 in -tc_win_create; entering immediate mode. Type "continue" or click on default output window to exit immediate mode." But clicking on the output window or typing "continue" exits the editor, returning me to my Desktop.

I'm using Mandriva 2008.1, running 5.602 under WINE and also under Windows XP in VirtualBox. The problems above occur in each installation, and, of course, may be linux-specific. I should add, though, that the program runs fine under TB version 5.42.