Question for BigJohn

Is all of your development work being done in TrueBASIC? If so, is that the main reason that one guy is able to handle all of this? (not to ignore your own skill level!)


Editor problem

I just purchased True Basic Bronze 6.0 and have a problem with the editor. I am running Windows 7 64B. The editor goes crazy if I do the following procedure.

open the "Average" program
insert a semicolon after the "end" statement
Run the program
click on the error message in the command window
delete the semicolon

After this the program goes into a "wild" mode in which the whole window shakes and vibrates. I can get out of it by clicking on "file", then "quit" and answering "no" to "do you want to quit".

I know there should not be a semicolon after "end" but used that to get it into the mode I have encountered frequently when an error is displayed and tried to edit the program. I used the "average" program as an example that it can happen in ANY program.

Big John, Extra Nice Guy

Big John's comments here are a bit modest. He's as nice a fellow as you will ever correspond with; and as talented and intelligent also. He should publish those novels. They remind me of the great J. Arthur Rank epic movies of my youth. I wish he would take the time to publish them. All this in addition to his remarkable expertise with TB. His paintings are superb too. He also keeps several pretty girls and ladies happy. Check out his web site, for lots of other stuff. From all the things he keeps up with I suspect he's really triplets. ALWAYS willing to help and generous with his time. There's no doubt he enjoys what he does so well. Hopefully,in spite of his constant activities, maybe he'll find time to update those grand old TB User Manuals to Windows and introduce TB to younger folk (and instruct this ol' cuss). He's an ace writer as well as programmer.

Kind words

Hi Bob,

Many thanks for your kind words. I have to admit that pretty girls are my special weakness. I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have married three of the most beautiful and will probably do it again. I think you will agree that I have a keen artist's eye for rare beauty (judging by the photos).
I wish you and your family - and TB Forum readers a very Happy New Year for 2011.

Big John

My $0.02

Hear hear. :)


Thanks for your comments. Anyone reading this who hasn't already done so should visit Big John's website. There are many good things for TB programmers. (however, nothing there about the ladies you mentioned!) --CS


Hi Carl,

In case you are interested, I have three wives (not simultaneously) and five wonderful kids dotted around the world - Australia, Italy, Dubai, Colombia and the UK, and two delightful grand children (Jasmine and Samantha). I now have two glorious girlfriends (simultaneously) who sadly have demons of their own and need my help from time to time - in practice a lot of the time. Maybe I will write about it one day.

Big John



I have been assisting TrueBASIC by answering FORUM queries since 1995, but I took a deeper interest around 2005 while I was developing several TB libraries for my own use. At that time it seemed to me that the editor could do with a shake up, so I started work on a new editor. I didn't realize that the TB archive was so fragmented and missing so much, so after a lot of wasted detective work I had to start over from scratch. Originally I just intended to fix a few bugs in the old editor and to add a few more features. I certainly didn't intend to re-write the whole thing.

Alongside doing stuff for TB I also produce commercial software, and I do contract development work - mainly in the medical field. In my spare time I write novels and until recently I painted - some oils but mainly watercolors, hence my interest in graphics. Until 2005 I was also a government inspector of schools. Prior to that I worked full time as a Chemical Engineer. I was introduced to computer programming way back in 1961 when computers were the size of a house for just 16K memory, and I have been progamming since then. I can program in several languages, but I find TB is quicker and much easier than anything else.

I hope this answers your question.

Big John

Big John

thanks for the impressive backgrnd info. I'm about the same vintage...started programming on an IBM 7040. I'm also an engineer--Ceramic. Have a good holiday.