getting 5.31 onto Windows 7

I had trouble "just moving a folder" and getting TB ver 5.31 to work in Windows 7.
Here's what I finally came up with:
from my old PC (Windows XP) I copied: xnmba420.dll, xnmte420.dll, and tb510.dll
which were in C:\Windows\System - NOT in \System32.
I copied them into Windows 7's C:\Windows\System folder, NOT \System32
and things seem to operate properly now.

I guarantee NOTHING but it looks OK so far.

[The xnmte420.dll file might not be crucial.]


Getting TB to work on W7 64bit

Just copied the files off onto the hard disk and created a desktop icon. Double click a .tru file and it will open in 5.33.
Also, I added both 5.33 and 5.5b19 to the Send To list so I can just right click a file (.tru, .txt, etc) and send it right to TB. I usually use an external editor (EditPad Lite, Crimson, or Notepad++, all freebies) since the TB editors aren't as good as they were back in the dos version, in my opinion. I save programs as text files so they will automatically open in EditPad; keep the folder open; then right click to send them to TB to run.
If the program will run correctly under 5.5b19, I will bind it with that to get away from having to fool with the .ddls. The 5.5b19 has a lot of annoying bugs in it.

Mike C

5.33 will work on Win 7 64 bit.

5.33 works just fine on Win 7 64 bit. Better than 5.5b19 which is full of bugs.


I wasn't aware of that - how did you make it work?

how to install silver edition 5.x

i cant install TB silver edition 5.x to my windows 7
please help me

V5.31 on Windows 7


I am sorry for the inconvenience, but v5.31 is not compatible with Windows Vista or 7. You would need to upgrade to v5.5 or later.