Unable to save

Version 6.003 12 DEC 2010

The only thing I did differently was to continue a long line with the ampersand. This worked OK.

After running it, I tried to save the file and got an information dialog box:

Invalid window id
item combination

After clicking the OK button, I got an ERROR box:

File is read or write protected.
2301 in filemenu_save in Main program, 1783 in source_window_filemenu in Main program, 571 in Main program

I took out the ampersand and the program functioned normally.

I tried to save it again and got the same error box and a slightly different ERROR

File is read or write protected.
1975 in make_exit in Main program, 1464 in hide_window in Main program, 561 in Main program

lines 561 & 571 in my file are meaningless


Invalid window ID menu item combination

has anything been resolved about this error. I get it with XP SP2, Windows 8 in both the 32 and 64 bit application

mismatch of window ID and item, etc same here

I have been getting these errors too; not frequently, but enough to be really annoying. I'm running the v6.007 Bronze edition in Wine-3.0 as a virtual environment over Linux Mint (ubuntu|debian)

BTW, the forum seems dead. Maybe it picks up when the Spring term begins, but I'm doubting it.


File is read/write protected


I seems that you are using VISTA or WINDOWS 7 because that is where this error message originates. It happens if you have installed the new editor in the "program files" folder - it doesn't happen if you install the TBeditor in any other folder.

Take a look at other Forum messages related to this subject for ways around the problem.

Big John

File is read/write protected


Actually, I'm using XP SP2. I'll try that (directory change) but the installation routine chose Program Files ... surprised me as all earlier versions went to C:\Tru ... etc.




The installer package we are using at present is very good and handles both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. The only problem is that it installs in program files by default. The early installer package couldn't handle 64 bit which is why we dropped it.

As you probably know program files is "protected" by VISTA and WINDOWS 7 which effectively makes some files read/write protected when you least expect it. I have XP and it doesn't happen with my version. Maybe yours is a later version that incorporates this protection feature.

Big John

The Saga Continues


Took your advice - removed TB6 and reinstalled it in "C:\TrueBASIC GOLD v6"

When I ran it, it ran under TB5 - had not thought it necessary to remove the directory.

Renamed the directory to X-TB5 and ran the under-construction from within C:\TrueBASIC GOLD v6 - worked fine EXCEPT I had to go back and fix the TBLIBS references in the program.

Double-clicking from the location of the new program would not work - for some reason it thought it was an adobe file (this took a bit to figure out and fix).

Under properties, I browsed to and selected TBEDITOR. It would NOT select. I can select and open it with either 531tbsystem or tbsystem but it refuses to recognize TBEDITOR so there's no editing.


One other item - I'm keeping the working copy on my zip drive. I can compile and bind it with the zip drive in my (cursed) Vista machine at work and it works fine. BUT - if I copy the executable to any directory on the Vista machine, it locks up.


Setting the default "open with" application

Hi Ron,

Sounds like you were trying to reset TBEDITOR.EXE as the default program to use to open .tru and .trc files, is that right? In my testing I have noticed that sometimes Windows does have issues with this. Once it gets set one way it is difficult to reset it. If right-clicking your TB program and attempting to select TBEDITOR as the application to use does not work, you can set this default manually in the control panel.

It's also possible the application shortcut has been corrupted with reinstallation and moving around. Fully uninstalling and reinstalling TB in a non-Program Files directory can help, but also if you start the editor itself you should be able to then open your program from within it.

Vista and Windows 7 have some significant differences in read/write handling - obviously - and we're still working out the hiccups as people's different usage scenarios come to us. So far each issue has been solved by running as administrator and avoiding the Program Files (x86) directory.

Let us know if none of this helps.



I posted another item here last night - seems to have disappeared.

I have re-installed TB6 twice now (two different non-Program Files directories) - still can't get it to change by right-clicking on "properties" for a *.tru file. Looked all over the Control Panel - couldn'tn't find a way to fix this.

TB5 removed and now it will only select Adobe as the default.

Open with...

You should have an option to "open with..." when you right-click a .tru or .trc file, where you can then browse to your install directory and choose TBEDITOR.exe as the application to use. Do you see this in the shortcut menu? The Properties window won't get you there.

Did this ...

Right-clicked the icon, selected "Open With". The list did not include "TBEDITOR". Browsed to my install directory and selected TBEDITOR. Clicked on this (which took me back to the "Open With" dialogue box". Windows tried to open the file with Adobe ... which, of course, did not work.


Pretty much gave up on that.

I finally decided to remove and reinstall back into the Program Files directory ... easily selected TBEDITOR (on the first try) and everything went right. Seems like TB6 just couldn't let go of the memory.

BUT - in moving the LIBRARY files around, I saw some real problems in the CHANGE function. I think I saw a reference to this issue in the BUG list but I'm wondering if you guys might post some sort of online spreadsheet listing known bugs and their disposition. That way, when we come across something, we don't have to sift through the forum to see if anybody else has seen it and reported it.

and later-

I really am trying to end this conversation - I REALLY am. But, things keep popping up. Maybe that's because I've installed TB6 so many times.

Anyway, in fixing the LIBRARY calls, I find that highlighting text and typing over (as is done in every editor I've ever seen) just types in text ahead of the highlighting (which disappears). So, to use this, I either have to delete the unwanted text before or after the entry. Even then, I get strange results at times:

REPLACE "TrueBASIC GOLD v6" with "TrueBasic GOLD v7" as an example yields two lines:

LIBRARY "C:\Program Files\TrueBasic GOLD v7

I'm used to using the standard shortcuts (ctl-C, ctl-V, etc.). This really gets wierd. If I highlight and ctl-V, it quite often replaces the unwanted text with what I'm trying to cut and whatever text I have in the clipboard is replaced by what I wanted to delete.

The CHANGE function works OK if you type in what you want changed to and from; I'm sure you know that you cannot paste into the CHANGE dialogue box. I also miss the "Find and Replace One" button. It's just two clicks instead of one but it is a bit more awkward.

Oh, and this is TB6.003



OK - in the office. Installed on (cursed) Vista machine. Did file association to move from TB5.5 to TB6.03. Loaded and looked good - until I tried to run it. Couldn't find TBEDCOMPILE.

Unloaded & reinstalled to C: directory: same old "unable to select TBEDITOR" for file association.

Unloaded & reinstalled to Program Files directory. Selects OK but still can't find TBEDCOMPILE ...

Rapidly becoming a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot here!

Still going...

OK, first of all, the TBEDCOMPILE error will ALWAYS occur on Win 7 or Vista if you install to the default Program Files directory, so do not do that.

Second, I am really not sure why Windows can't re-associate with the editor but that sounds like a Windows issue at this point. I haven't been able to reproduce it.

Have you tried opening the editor and then opening/running your TB programs from within it, rather than double-clicking from within a Windows explorer browser or a direct program shortcut?

First of all

Not to be mean-spirited but why would you provide an installer that points to the wrong directory to begin with ... and then tell folks not to do that? Secondly, the problem occurs on both my home XPSP2 machine and here at the office. I went through multiple installations there and and that is why we (I have to have an IT person here to install programs which are not company provided) installed here first with the default installer.

However, we did the multiple re-installs here as well. It didn't work either way.

If you have issues with MSW7 and Vista ... and it doesn't seem to work on XP, what's left?


I am sorry you continue to have these problems - I use TB6 myself in Vista 64 and have tested extensively and just have not experienced, nor can I reproduce, the issues you're having. I can only assume there is something else going on that I can't determine without much more detailed examination.

We use an open-source setup generator to keep costs down, and the editor itself was developed in XP so if you're having issues with that I can't explain why, as above.

Last thing

In Vista, in the Start Menu on the right side, below the listing for Control Panel is an item called "Default Programs." In that section there are two functions that will help with this: you can set default programs for different file types and and also set manual associations to associate a file type or protocol with a particular program. In here you should be able to kill the cursed association with Adobe Reader and reset it to use TBEDITOR.EXE with TB file types.

Uninstalling and reinstalling can mess up these file associations - you should be able to set it up once and for all in the above-mentioned sections, but do not do this until you set up a clean install in its final location.

Very last thing - I have seen that sometimes when uninstalled, TB leaves a few breadcrumb files - TBEDCONFIG, for example. Be absolutely sure to delete ALL these files before reinstalling.

Second of all

There is no problem with file associations on the (cursed) Vista machine. It works BUT it does not recognize TBEDCOMPILE - even though it's in the same directory.
So, when I select RUN, it chokes.

Apparently, you folks abandoned principle in some respects by using an installer. TB5.5 - which it looks like I'm going back to - doesn't kowtow to Mr. Gates' registry and I've never had any problems with it. I set the associations manually ONCE and it's good.

I think you guys should give some thought to that -

BTW - my problems on my home machine are currently limited to the search/replace/cut'n'paste issues. It does work but I haven't tried out the new libraries yet.


Installers etc

Only Gold edition in v.5.5 shipped without an installer (setup.exe), Bronze and Silver both had one with no problems.

So your home machine, the XP box, does work? I'm sorry, I thought you said above that it didn't.

Simple. Elegant. Powerful. True BASIC. Maybe not in TB6.

Just too hard to work and enjoy it in TB6. I've reloaded TB5.5 both here at home and in the office. There's a lot of promise in TB6 but I just don't think it's ready for Prime Time.

In the meanwhile, I am a bit miffed that it cost me the upgrade price to act as an informal beta tester.

You guys let me know if this ever gets right. Oh, and three suggestions:

(1) Fix the editor so that it can be scrolled within by using the mouse wheel. I REALLY expected that to be part of TB6.
(2) Take out the TB Gold ads in the dialog boxes. You never see C++ or the like.
(3) Put in an option to replace the TB Icon so we don't have to mess with Easy Icon Maker or the like.



Again I am sorry your experience has been negative for you. Did you download and test the free demo before purchase? Also, there are no ads built into the software whatsoever. Can you be more specific about what you're seeing there?

Thanks for the feature suggestions - we'll take them into consideration.


No, I didn't d/l the free demo. As I said, I've been using TB since it's appearance on the Amiga - and just never expected anything like these issues.

I also am more than surprised that you folks haven't seen these problems. If it were just my home machine, I'd consider reformatting and starting over ... but it's here on this machine as well.

When I say ads, I mean the title "TRUE BASIC GOLD EDITION" or similar that shows up in dialogue boxes. It seems to me to be unprofessional to have that sort of message in my final product.

So, with that I think we can close this discussion ... and delete it if you like.