Technical Questions...

Okay so none of this is really crucial to anything I'm doing, but it would be nice to know...
-First off, and correct me if I'm wrong, I believe that somewhere I heard that the Scroll Wheel WORKS to scroll up and down the code page...However, no computer that I have tried (or mouse for that matter) has allowed me to use to scroll wheel. I've tried it on my bran new High-end Gaming Laptop(win7), my girlfriends lower end school-use laptop(win7), my mother's home desktop(2003xp), my girlfriend's home desktop(2004xp), and even windows xp and windows vista desktops at the school...None of these have given me scrolling capabilities...and i really doubt it's the mouse...each computer listen above had a different mouse(wired and wireless).
-Second, Playing sound using statements like SOUND X,Y PLAY etc....they seem to work and play music somewhat audibly on all desktops that I've used, unfortunately while trying to use them on my laptop they cause a few problems...ONE-the sound statement doesn't play any sound at all(like the statement isnt in the code at all) and TWO-using any other statements for sound (other than SOUND) tend to crash TB...i have a feeling that it's more my sound card driver or possibly that the device used to generate the sounds simply arent built into laptop...because as I mentioned above this laptop is high-end with the latest sound,graphics,and all other devices so i'm fairly sure that it's not the cards...but I know that they have drivers out there that can enable certain things on cards and stuff...but if it's not possible then it's not possible =) thanks for trying


Mouse wheels and sound cards


The scroll wheel on a mouse is NOT recognized by TrueBASIC. The built-in sub routine SYS_EVENT determines what mouse events are recognized. These events are single, double and shift for the left, right and middle buttons. I never seen a middle button and I suppose that this option could be used to represent the mouse wheel but no computer that I have tried has ever worked with the mouse wheel in TrueBASIC.

The sound produced by the SOUND statement is generated by the motherboard speaker -usually very small. If this speaker is missing because the computer has a much better separate sound card then you may not hear anything at all. If you have self powered external speakers then you will probably be able to increase the volume of the small internal motherboard speaker.

Big John

Not my sound card...

Ok so I'm still curious about my Scroll Wheel question above, but forget the sound problems...
-Turns out that the reason it was crashing my TB was not that the play statements did anything bad, but more because the frequency I was trying to use was to hard for my laptop to generate. Also I managed to get the sound statement to work as well...I wrote a program to increase the frequency from 0 all the way up to 15,000 in increments of 10. After a little while I found out that although the desktops I've been using work good with SOUND 19-15000,.15+ my Laptop only works with SOUND 450-14000,.2+. I'm not really sure if it's the sound cards or not, but the point is is that it works and you guys are not to blame =) I would still appreaciate feedback on the Scrolling issues though.