Color text

Can anyone tell me what is the syntax of the user's color text file.



Text colors


The custom color file must be a plain text file with 9 lines of text. Each line consists of one number. These numbers are references to the standard 16 color palette, e.g. 1= blue, 2=green etc.
The order of the 9 numbers is as in the following example:
7 (grey) for Linenumbers
10 (green) for Comments
9 (blue) for Keywords (i.e. statements)
13 (magenta) for Functions and definitions
12 (red) for CALLs and SUBs
11 (cyan) for Literal quotes and string variables
14 (yellow) for Aliases
24 (orange) for Numeric variables and constants
-2 (white) for Punctuation
Only the numbers are required in the file - not the descriptions.
The custom color file must be in the parent folder - the same folder as the editor.

Big John