Program Crash

Hi guys (and gals)--been off the forum for a while.

I have a rather large program that just started giving a TBGOLD SYSTEM error

'Failed to create temporary file"

This then kills either the editor or execution of the program. This error occurs as the program is loading data files, but after it has displayed graphics and accepted some input from the mouse.

Running VISTA --

I get this error whether I run from the editor (5.5 b19) or from a bound version. Again the program is large with several modules--otherwise the program is too big to compile--and loads a lot of graphics. I am assuming this is a memory handling error, but the funny thing is that a) It runs on my XP machine that has less memory. b) It runs on the VISTA machine if I put the whole program on a thumb drive and run from that. Could be something to do with security and permissions in VISTA--this is one of the 'business' level versions. I am going to try to load up the HOME version of VISTA and will try System 7 later, but does anyone know what is going on here--and more importantly, how to fix it.


Richard W. Tarara
Professor of Physics
Saint Mary's College


Solution found.

I'll answer my own question here as this looks to be a VISTA security/compatibility situation. I set the executable to use XP compatibility and to run as an administrator and it now works. Have not had to do this previously with dozens of other programs, but I suspect that I've used so much memory that TrueBasic is calling to write out some information in a temporary file and the default security in Vista doesn't allow this. Will test some more and see if just XP compatibility or just run as administrator does the trick or if both are needed.


Last follow-up

OK--'run as administrator' is the only setting necessary. This does mean that you get a warning message as the program starts, but then it seems to run OK. Again, I'm pretty sure this is just a memory handling problem and anything other than a very big program with lots of stored data should not see the problem.


Run as administrator

I'm glad you were able to solve your problem. It seems that nearly every issue (now that 99% of the editor's bugs have been resolved) we've seen with TB 6 in Vista and Windows 7 can be solved by this simple procedure.

There is a post on this forum which gives a solution for setting the Administrator privileges permanently, which eliminates that manual step.

Which post?

Any idea which post that is--not obvious to me looking through titles of threads.



Permanent fix

This is the post which gives the instructions on how to permanently set the administrator status. Sorry, I should have looked it up before.


This is a solution for a given machine, but for distributing programs, I think the instructions have to include setting the properties to be 'run as administrator'. I don't believe the properties set for a given program move with that program from machine to machine.