Any updates to the language

From the descriptions here, this looks to be the update to the EDITOR that Big John has worked on for some time. The existence of the two 5.42 and 5.5x language modules suggest to me that there is no added (or changed) functionality to the language itself. Is that correct? If willing to work with the clunky old editor, is there really any advantage to upgrading (from full GOLD versions 5.5 with the 5.5b19 system file)?

Rick Tarara


Any updates to the language

Yes, thats the question I also will have ansver.

And I also will see complete listing changes made from TB v5 to TB v6 language itself.


V6 changes

Version 6 is primarily the new editor, but Gold edition includes the FORMS interface tool, and the new editor has been worked to eliminate some of the bugs in 5.5. The language engine itself has not changed.

I'll let John Arscott provide more detail.

Exact system files included in the versions 6 upgrade?

I'm considering upgrading here even though I worked a lot with Chris and a little with John on updates, but want to be sure what I'm getting. Is the packaged TBSYSTEM the 5.5b19 version or something earlier? I absolutely would not go back to the versions that required the .dll files. If the packaged 5.5 version is earlier than the b19--can the b19 be used?



V5 and v6

Hi Rick,

The situation with version 6.004 is that the editor is written in TB but unlike v5 the editor does not contain a compiler or interpreter. Instead the interpreter/compiler is provided by the TBsystem file. This arrangement makes it much easier to develop and modify the editor, whilst at the same time the user has the option to use the TBsystem file from version 5.5b19, or if they so wish they can switch to the TBsystem file from 5.31. Both system files are included in the package. The reason we offer the two system files is that 5.5b19 has a number of bugs that are not present in 5.31, but the upside is that 5.5b19 doesn't require DLL files with bound executable files. 5.31 has fewer bugs but does require DLL files with bound programs.

v6 also has built-in CHAIN links to external programs, better access to recent files, and a hot start feature that works. It also has auto line numbering for those that use line numbers. v6 also offers color-text, i.e. program text is automatically colored. The colors depend on whether the word is a function, statement, comment, string, numeric or constant.

The TrueBASIC language remains unchanged.

Big John

Version 6

Thanks John,

This is all what I thought--that the situation was basically the same as during your Beta testing of the editor. Didn't figure TB had hired a someone to really update the language--although that really is needed (like a Mac system 10.x version, sound card support for all systems, and fixing the bugs).

Will probably go ahead and get the update--haven't sent TB any real money in a while. I've been immersed in redoing my entire extensive educational library so that the programs will open in windows appropriate to the set user resolution. Since I use a lot of bit-mapped graphics, that requires having different graphic libraries for each supported resolution. The programs aren't too hard to update, but I need to multiply every position reference by the appropriate scale factor--which means finding all those references.

One 'bug' that has shown up in all of this is that the TC window creation routine supposedly (documentation) would allow a close button without a resize button--but in practice that isn't the case. No resize, no close. I can't let the user resize the window since that screws everything up, so I've had to implement the 'esc' button as a way out of any and all programs. Again, not too difficult, just a pain.



Resizing windows

The resize button gets me as well, there are work arounds as described by Rick, or you can check the size of the window and have it resize to it's original size, this does have an adverse visual effect though as the window maximizes then goes back to how it was. I have tried to trap the resize event without any success. Is there a more professional work around for this?




In version 5.5b19 there is a bug which means you get a window resize button whether you ask for it or not. This bug is specific to version 5.5b19. It is not present in version 5.31. Therefore with earlier versions (probably up to 5.42) you can have windows with just a close button.

Wish I could do something about it for you guys, but the problem lies in the built-in OBJECT routine, not the editor or TrueCtrl.

Big John