6.004 updater available

For users of v6.001-6.003, an automatic updater to 6.004 is now available here and on the Downloads page under Software Updates.

This updater will quickly update your previously installed copy to version 6.004. You must have a full version installed to use this updater.


6.004 changes?

exactly what is changed from 6.003 to 6.004?

6.004 changes

Hi Carl,

6.004 is a bug-fix release. Many people won't have encountered these bugs at all but here is the list of what was fixed. This is copied from BigJohn's post from a few days ago, on the Bug Report topic:

(1) Both the PRINT option and the LISTING option under the FILE menu did not work properly because the library that provides these features had not been updated to account for the new TextEdit control. This has now been corrected. At the same time this library was improved so that it wraps the print on very long lines instead of truncating the line and discarding the surplus.
(2) The keywords EXTERNAL and MODULE had to appear on the very first line of a library program. This has now been extended so that these keywords can be detected on any line. This is important because the editor adds several lines of code to all programs to overcome bugs in the TBsystem file. These extra lines of code are NOT required for EXTERNAL and MODULE programs so it is important that the editor can recognize these keywords where ever they occur.
(3) The FIND and REPLACE routine did not work properly if the REPLACE text is a multiple of the original text, e.g. when the original text is “x” and the replacement is “xx”. This was due to the text position counter only moving forward by one character before looking for the next instance. The position counter now moves forward by the number of characters in the REPLACE text.
(4) If cut and paste are used in line numbered programs, then the pasted text retained the original line numbers, leaving the program with out-of-sequence line numbers. In version 6.004 line numbered programs are automatically re-numbered after a paste operation, which restores the correct line number sequence.
(5) As a result of bug #4 the editor now offers users the option of automatic line numbering. This option is engaged by typing: 100 !AUTOLINENNUM on the very first line in the program. Removing the keyword AUTOLINENUM restores manual line numbering.
(6) Paste operations previously inserted the clipboard text at the cursor point. This has now been extended so that if any text is already highlighted then the pasted text will replace the highlighted text.
(7) If any text is highlighted before typing more characters, then the highlighted text is replaced by the newly typed characters. If “overtyping” mode is in operation and any text is highlighted, then the highlighted text is removed and replaced by the first newly typed character. Further typing will over-type each subsequent character.
(8) The scroll bars have been improved so that you can now click-and-hold the trough zones between the thumb and the end buttons for continuous scrolling. Previously only the end buttons allowed continuous action. Note: continuous scrolling ceases if the thumb catches up with the current mouse position.
(9) UNDO typing has been improved so that it removes all continuous typing on the same line rather than just the last character.
(10) The preferences dialog box works correctly when you start the editor, but once you open a file then the radio buttons are disabled. This bug was caused by my commenting out a dialog box re-draw instruction during testing. This has now been fixed.

bug fixes

thanks, next time I'll read more first. It's good that these are picked up and rectified in a timely way.


Absolutely! We aim to please, and do appreciate the bug reports.