Stone Age v 2.11....TB silver


Re: Stone Age v 2.11....TB silver

For the last 20 years I have been using the old version
from True-Basic 2.11

And I was happy !

But there are few thinks in the recent version
that I do not like ...
but there are always few things..each to their own!

One of the reasons I purchased the new version 6.03 was
because when I start my old version of basic the fan in my PC starts spinning faster and my CPU runs at 100%

I thought this had something do with the fact
that I was operating in Dos mode
but also the new program spins my fan up to !!

Maybe I’m old and grumpy but when I write programs ...
I love silence !!

I live in Coober Pedy and here in the summer the temperature
gets up to 45C and plus with running True-Basic,
which is speeding up my fan I am sure my PC will
die of heat-death !!

I have been thinking for a long time
to go back to the stone age and
digging out my old PC of 15 years and run DOS 3.2.

On there I have no problems at all with the fan speeding up !!!!!!!

20 years down the track ... I thought there would be more improvement in your new version !!

But sadly I do not like your new editor !!

Frame by frame and no room for the program !

I like the old one better !! ....
but then again maybe I am so used to the old version.

The graphics seems not to have improved a bit in the last 20 years.

The editor has got some funny bits (like Barcode) top-left.

If I had of known these things before purchasing this new version, I would not have done so !!!!

So far I have only had look at the new program for 10 minutes.

When I am finished looking at this new version,
I will probably be able to write a book about it.

I'm not sure that I will get a response …..

So on this point I will finish for today.

On another point can anyone please tell me
how I can go back and read articles again
because I seem not to be able to re-read articles
when I go back a couple of days later on the True Basic forum.

Can anyone help??

sorry about my simple English ...
but my German is better ... smile

Kindest regards,

Juergen Feldheim


Stone age editor


I know exactly where Coober Pedy is. I have a son who lives in Australia too (Melbourne). Coober Pedy used to have a large solar powered water purification system at one time.

The stone-age TB editor was a masterpiece in its day. Things have moved on and the 960K addressable memory limitation had to give way to the infinitely greater memory access of modern computers and their operating systems.

Version 6.004 has restored some of the features of the old DOS editor that were eliminated in the version 5 series. The old DOS editor was extremely simple, with no graphics, but there were things you could do with it that you still cannot do with the windows version. It takes a very long time to step out of the DOS world into the world of Windows. It is unfamiliar territory and not very friendly either.

The major reason for the high CPU usage is that the new editor is driven by a built-in TB routine called SYS_EVENT that is contained inside a DO....LOOP that continuously looks for user events, such as keyboard or mouse activity. Even if you are currently not using either, the event routine is still busy looking for something to happen - hence the high usage.

The other unfamiliar problem you will face with Windows programs is that you - the programmer - are no longer in charge of what happens in a program. In the days of DOS the programmer defined how the program progressed from start to finish. The user just followed your instructions. In Windows it doesn't work that way. The user decides what happens next - he can click the mouse anywhere he likes, and it is up to you - the programmer - to handle whatever the user requires.

You mentioned some graphics that look like bar code (top left). What screen resolution are you using and what version of Windows are you running under? There is nothing in the new editor that looks like bar code. You also mentioned version 2.11. As far as I know this was an Apple Mac version. Versions 3.nn and 4.nn were Windows versions, although there may have been a very early 2.nn series.

Good luck with getting accustomed to Windows.

Big John