Find ultility in the Editor

Within the first hour of using the 6.04 editor I am having all kinds of trouble with FIND. (Running on a VISTA machine)

The most serious problem is that I can't return to the main editing screen without closing the FIND control (cancel). If I open a new editor window--new file, I can't change the entry in the find control. The 'find next' control seems intermittent--I have to hit it several times to advance to the next instance. I've also had the find box pick up a graphical strip of the text from the editor that wouldn't go away without restarting the editor. I have sent Big John a screenshot of that. Recently when I could change the search text (staying in the original editor window) the blank window for that text got appeared in the editor window, overwriting text there. At least that went away when I scrolled down.

Anybody else having trouble (or success using FIND). Check especially--
1) Can you leave the Find tool open and return to editing or must you close the tool.
2) If you use find can you open a new editor window and still use it--or does it lock up with the original find text--which can be searched but not changed.



FIND dialog box

Hi Rick,

I have found and cured the stray text problem - it was caused by the toolbar hover box. This is the small label that appears when you hover the mouse of a tool icon. To erase this box the editor BOX SHOWS the background (usually an item of text). It was this background that was shown in the FIND dialog box.

Unfortunately, version 5.5b19 has a bug in it that causes TrueCtrl push buttons to malfunction. This is the reason why find next is intermittent.

I will address the problem of having to close the FIND dialog box before using again in another file.

Big John