Library file locations.

Supposedly the Editor will look both in TBLIBS and the source directory for library files. I suppose it works if you include the FULL path name in the LIBRARY statement, for example:


but the old editor would work with


as long as Libraryfile.tru was in the same directory as the source file in which the library statement appeared. AFAICT this isn't working that way with then V6 editor. Anyone else confirm or refute this behavior? [Be sure there is no copy of libraryfile.tru in the TBLIBS folder to test.]

The old behavior is useful when you are working both on a program AND the library file at the same time. Not impossible to move it to TBLIBS, just less convenient.



Library File Location

Amen to Rtarara's comments. I don't like the way GoldV6 doesn't search the source code folder for Library elements. Between that and the problems with TBEdCompile,I just wasted $200 on the upgrade, I'm going back to GoldV5.



The way the editor works is to read through your source code until it finds a reference to the keyword LIBRARY. It then examines what is inside the quote marks. If it finds a full pathname then it carries on. If it is not a fll pathname, it it looks in the folder where your current program came from. If it finds the filename, then it carries on. Next it looks for curly bracakets to see if there is an alias name, and it looks in that folder. If not then it looks through the whole alias list (usually TBlibs, TBhelp, TBdemos etc). If it finds the target file in any of the alias folders then it re-writes the file name as a full pathname. If it cannot find the target filename anywhere then the editor allows the normal error system to report "File not found".

What the editor does not do is to search through library modules in the same way as it searches through your program. In other words, if your library module contains references to other libraries then the editor will not be able to find them. The reason for this is that your library modules will usually be compiled so the editor cannot read them.

re: file locations

This has been fixed for some time now--at least it works in Version 6.006.


file not found GRAPHLIB

I have 6006 and still get "file not found GRAPHLIB"

re: graphlib

1) In the editor under Settings/Aliases be sure you have a
{library}tblibs entry.
2) The file in the Version 6 tblibs folder is GraphLib.trc. Be sure you habe a Library "GraphLib.trc" line in your program.

Other than that.....??


tried that-can't get GraphLib to work

I checked that I have the entry {library}tblibs in the aliases. I typed in the program listed on p.129 of the TB Bronze manual and corrected GraphLib.tru to GraphLib.trc and tried to run it. the error message was "Library GraphLib>trc: No such file.
Any ideas/ I am running on a Dell PC with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.Some old programs originally programmed on my old computer using Windows XP and a
TB version that I updated in 2002 work ok, but others programmed using the same version do not.


1) I can include Library "graphlib.trc" as the FIRST LINE in a program and have no problems (GOLD V6.006)--at least I get no error during execution (not actually including any calls to the library).

2) I assume your line is as above--not as in your message. Be sure this statement is before anything else (other than a PROGRAM statement--if you have one.)

3) What are you doing with this library? There is really nothing in it that you can access directly. Rather it is a secondary library called by the main graphics libraries BGLIB.trc, SGLIB.trc, SGFUNC.trc. The only reference to GraphLib that I can find is on page 11-11 which refers one to chapter 23 where I find no mention of this library. Looking at the routines in the source code leads me to believe this is a left over DOS library that has been incorporated into the other libraries listed above.

4) If you are really need what is in here and can't access the library, the source code is short enough to just include in your program (GraphLib.tru in the Sources folder) and copy in the routines.

5) What is your TBSYSTEM--5.5x or 5.3x? Is it EXACTLY the same program that runs on your old version and fails in the new?

6) You could try providing the complete path in your library statement. For example:

Library "C:\TrueBasicV6\Tblibs\Graphlib.trc" or whatever the full path actually is.