STOP seems unavailable

While replacing the Command Window with the command line seems OK in most instances, I can't access the command line during program execution to issue a STOP command--get the spinning circle icon in that area of the editor. This makes it DIFFICULT to escape from a misbehaving program--one that won't quit. There is your emergency ESC key, but that takes you all the way down, and of course there is the three-finger-salute which will stop just the running program, but there SHOULD BE a simple way (a menu choice or even a tool bar icon) to STOP execution of a program directly from the Editor--or am I missing that? That was always a menu choice in the Command Window.

NEW TOPIC: I suspect this is a system problem, but it would be nice if the cursor changed to a pointer when moving the scroll bars. It stays the text cursor which is somewhat disconcerting. ;-)




Hi Rick,

Unfortunately the TBsystem file, which actually runs source programs, does not have a STOP feature. I don't have the source code for TBsystem so I cannot rectify this directly. I am working on a command line fix that can be accessed through the editor. Hopefully this will provide an emergency STOP for programs that are not responding or have some other internal fault that prevents normal closure.

I will see what I can do about the cursor pointer. I have already fixed it so that the I beam changes to a pointer in the toolbar zone, so it should be possible to fix the scrolls too.

Big John