TrueControl2 ?

I notice there is a TrueControl2 library file (but no source file). What's the difference? I assume there is something changed in there for use with the editor, but would that change be useful to others?




Hi Rick,

TrueCtrl2 differs from the normal TrueCtrl library in that it contains a PUBLIC variable called CTwin. This variable keeps track of the current active window. The library module CTX uses this information so that it knows when to draw objects and when not to. CTX keeps a complete list of all objects that the user creates. When you click the mouse CTX checks all these objects to see if the mouse is located within the perimeter. If it is, then CTX checks to see if the window associated with the object is the current window in front - hence the need for CTwin.

CTX uses plain TrueBASIC graphics to draw all objects. It doesn't use anything to do with XVT or Windows APIs, so it has to do its own refresh, resize and house keeping. The version 6 editor uses a TextEdit control produced by CTX. This is why the editor can now do many things that the TrueCtrl TextEdit control cannot do. This also accounts for some features of the old TextEdit control not being present in the new TextEdit control - basically I didn't know they existed until somebody pointed them out.

Big John