CALL readcpixel

Hi, I'm using True BASIC version 5 Silver Edition in school (sorry I can't be more specific than this). I also have my own copy of the software at home. However, when I try to use the following statement, the whole program crashes to desktop:

CALL readcpixel(x,y,red,blue,green)

I know this line of code works, because I've tried it at home on both a Windows 7, and a Linux environment. The school system uses Windows XP Professional, and an older variant of True BASIC.

Any help appreciated, thanks.



If I am not mistaken, readcpixel is a fairly recent addition to the language (may or may not have been added on my request--way back working with Chris who was the TB system programmer. ;-) Your older variant may not include this function. The fact that this is an undocumented function is a hint that it was added at some point after the initial printing of the manuals (which never got a good updating).