Caution--possible B-CODE errors

This is not a bug per se, but rather a severe limitation of the TB Sytems before 5.5x. The problem is that bound programs can't handle pathnames longer than 128 characters--and yes you can easily produce such (just did by going 5 folders lower than where TB6 now resides on my computer). The problem here is that the EDITOR is a bound 5.31 program and will suffer from this problem. The program won't run and while I've seen different error messages, the words "B-CODE" tell you this is the pathname length problem.

Solutions: Only solution for the editor is to keep your TrueBasic folder shallow enough in your computer folder system. If I remember correctly, running from a desktop shortcut adds considerably to the pathname length. The limitation IS 128 characters overall.

The 5.5x system versions increase this to 255 characters, and there it is difficult to get that long of a pathname. However, this will only take care of bound programs you create.

Having an extensive library of programs that I distribute around the world, for years I had warning files to my users NOT to bury these programs too deep on their computer. If you are developing software using the older system supplied with version 6 (although the default is 5.5b19) then be aware that any bound programs have this limitation.

John--you might want to put this warning in your documentation somewhere. It is NOT documented anywhere I know of. If you want to test this problem, simply make a nest of folders with long names, move the TB folder down and keep trying to run the editor. It will eventually fail.



Long filenames

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the tip. I wasn't aware of this limitation - mainly because I only ever use short names myself.

I can bind the new editor with the version 5.5b19 TBsystem file so that this limitation is lifted. However, I need to convert all the TrueCtrl push buttons to CTX push buttons, because TC buttons are prone to a bug in version 5.5b19. I will work on it.

Big John

Caution--possible B-CODE errors

I think, this is not a True BASIC's error.

File name lenght limitation is Windows API's feature.

Windows API's maximum file name lenght is 260 characters: ("D:\[max 256 chars][NUL]").

Read article: Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces ( )


128 characters IS a TrueBasic problem

At 260 characters, you would have to bury programs EXTREMELY deep to have a problem--never have seen this. HOWEVER, prior to Version 5.5, TrueBasic had the 128 character limitiation (still does if you bind with 5.31) and that you can reach--especially if you have the program several folders 'deep' and then use a desktop shortcut to access it. Been there and been burned. It was near the top of my list of things to fix when Chris Sweeney began work on version 5.5 (a task that was never totally completed) and now True Basic does default to the Windows limit--not its own.