Windows Vista or Windows 7 with True Basic Bronze 5.33 or Silver 5.41

I retired from teaching with true Basic and have both True Basic Bronze 5.33 and Silver 5.41. In my spare time I would like to use one or the other on my computer which currently has Windows Vista. How can I do this? Thanks, Jim


TB 5.41

TB 5.41 runs fine in Vista. As best I can recall there is a small problem related to loading it associated with the 16 bit installer. There are a number of references on this FORUM to solve the problem; unfortunately I've forgotten exactly what the solution is. You might also note that if you use Norton 360 then the SONAR feature has to be turned off as it blocks TB 5.41 if it's on. Something to do with Sonar can't find the installer. I'm confident Big John will come to your rescue with the proper reference.
You might try looking through old FORUM posts for the solution.
Bob Brannock