TB 4.02

Does anyone know how to get TB 4 running on Windows 7? Although I have TB Gold 5, I prefer
4 not least because many of my programs which run on 4, fail on 5 ( and 6) for reasons I cannot
find. No errors are reported on compiling in 5.31 but the execution is not correct.
Also I like the fact that restoring a workspace makes the command line a powerful calculator. I can also rebind the keys.
I should say that the editor/command console opens in a smallish window in Windows 7 OK,
but any requested graphics output is met with the "no fullscreen" error
Are there workspaces in TB6?


TB Pro 4.02

I use TBPro 4.02 on a WIN Xp machine in a DOS window and also on the same machine in Dosbox 0.74. TB works fine in both. Dosbox requires tweaking its config file for best performance.

I also use TBPro on a Win 7 machine in Dosbox 0.74 and TB works fine on this machine.

You are right. I am now

You are right. I am now running in Dosbox in Win7 quite happily.
It works for new written programs but some of my older ones seem to hang, although they work in XP full screen.

Thanks for the replies. I

Thanks for the replies. I have tried running TB 4.02 in DosBox in Windows
7 and it works on simple programs such as in TBDemo but but not on my
programs some of which (but not all) involve restoring a workspace containing various libraries
(eg Scientific Graphics and Funclib). This seems to apply only to a call
to graphics since the command window works fine with the restored
workspace as a calculator. I think I have given up the present attempt.
TB 4.02 does work perfectly well in full screen mode in Windows XP and so
I will wait till my Windows 7 machine can support true XP mode.

I can see that there might be problems running my DOS library calls from
a specifically Windows program like TB Gold 5, even though it has
workspace capability, but my programs that don't run on Gold 5 use only
standard TB language constructions, which puzzles me.


Pre-5.x versions will not run in current OS's to my knowledge, but you might be able to get it working within a DOS emulator of some kind - if you search on 'DOS emulator Windows 7' there seem to be lots of different and even free tools out there.

Let us know how you make out!

TB version 4.02


As far as I know version 4.02 was the Pro DOS version.
Microsoft discontinued using MS DOS after Windows 2000, so operating systems such as XP, Vista and Windows 7 are not built on DOS as were previous operating systems. These later versions do have a cut down version of DOS but it will not run version 4.02.

Likewise, TrueBASIC Version 5 or Version 6 will not run certain programs that were designed for DOS. Many TB programs will run on both Windows and DOS systems, but any DOS specific libraries cannot be used with later versions of Windows.

Big John

compatibility settings?

My only thought (if you haven't done this) is to right click any of the executable files in your 4.02 directory go to properties, and then set the compatibility choices as far back as they will go--WINDOWS 95, 640x480, 256 colors. Also be sure you have the original dll files, ones that have creation dates of the same era (or eon) as 4.02.