can't cancel compile

(tb gold 6.004 on win 7 64 bit) if you go to 'run'...'compile' with a program in the editor you can't leave the file name entry blank and hit the 'cancel' button in the resulting dialog box. If you do then the system hangs up in some kind of compilation loop.



Hi Carl,

Thanks for the explanation.

You are correct, when you press CANCEL when asked for a filename for the compiled file, you get all sorts happening. Basically CANCEL generates a message for the user saying the compile has been aborted - which it should. The trouble is the editor sees this as an error message and tries to report it. This message is not in the right format so the editor goes nuts.

Anyway, this bug has now been resolved ready for the next release.

Elderly Big John

Cancel dialog box problem

Hi Carl,

Can you explain this more fully so that an idiot like me can reproduce on my computer. I get the bit about the cancel button hanging the computer but how did you get the dialog box in the first place and what sort of dialog box was it?

Older folk like me sometimes get fool moments - it goes with the territory.

Big John


John, I am an "older folk" too. That's probably why my explanation didn't make sense. The dialogue box to which I was referring is the Windows file select box with the cancel and save (or open?) buttons and the line to enter a file name. If you just hit "cancel" then the system looks like it's working on compiling anyway and it's hung up in that mode. Hope this helps.