bleed-through in background of groupbox


I'm creating groupboxs with TC_Groupbox_Create, and everything works as expected. When the program is run, the background inside the group boxes is blank white, matching the background outside the boxes. However, if I switch away to another program (to my word processor or my browser, for example) and then return to my True Basic program, the foreground of the other program has now become the background inside (but not outside) the group boxes. The static text and edit text boxes contained inside the group boxes aren't affected.

If you want to see the problem in action, you can download as an example.

This doesn't appear to be an editor problem, since it is occurring in the bound versions of a set of programs that I wrote to calculate effect sizes for various statistical tests.

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Hi Bill,

Sad to say this is only one of many flaws that need fixing in version 5.5b19, none of which are likely to be fixed for a long time - if ever.

My advice would be to create your own groupbox. A groupbox is not sensitive to mouse clicks so you don't need to link it to TC_event. It is very simply a box drawn at a certain location on the screen - something that BOX LINES: does just as well. If you want an opaque background inside the box then use BOX AREA:. This is how the CTX library does it.

In terms of other problems with version 5.5b19, it has recently come to light that TC_event has problems with event$="KEYPRESS". The first parameter x1 is usually correct, but the second parameter x2 sometimes returns false values for the SHIFT and CTRL keys.

In addition both version 5.31 and 5.5b19 exhibit the following; keystrokes above ASCii 127 are returned as negative values - the real value of x1=256-x1. I am in the process of correcting this inside TC_event.

Big John

non-repair of bugs

I'm disappointed that there are no plans to fix the bugs in TBSystem.exe. As a user, I find it frustrating when code doesn't work as it should; and as a programmer whose work is distributed in a modest way ( it's embarrassing when my products misbehave -- and hardly good advertising for True Basic. It's nice to have a new editor; but for myself, I would prefer to have a fixed tbsystem.exe. It's just more important to have the code run correctly.


When do you think this will be fixed?



If you look back through the Forum history you will see that that Group boxes under version 5.5b19 all work like this. The bug is in the Tbsystem file for version 5.5b19. If you switch to version 5.31 TBsystem file this will cure the box and the group box will work just as you expect it to.

Big John