With WINDOWS 7 64b Extremely Erratic Behavior - v6

Hello everyone,

I'm running v6-Bronze on W7 Home Prem 64b - i7 and:
- my CPU goes 15% every time I run the editor
- it does not save properly (I did not installed in in default folder but different partition)
- last but not least: CURSOS GOES REALLY WILD and is impossible to edit to the point I work my code in notepad for then passing it to the EDITOR

Please help.



Bronze problems


Firstly we need to know what version of Bronze are we talking about?

The editor normally does make a high demand on the CPU.

When you say it doesn't save properly - what happens when you save?

Also you describe that the cursor goes wild. What does "wild" mean and when does this "wild" happen.

Basically what we need is more detailed information.

Big John

1) I don't have the client

1) I don't have the client right here with me but I purchased the bronze 4 weeks ago. So I assume is the last release.

revised: - 6.003 -

2) How high could demand the editor on an i7 720q?

3) Cursos navigates very slowly, TONS of lag and worse than that, sometimes it is on the wrong character. For instance, if i have: "PRINT X|" and I try to erase the X (| is the cursor), this is actually the BEFORE the X (of course you don't see it there)

Thank you for your help John.

Bronze version 6.003


The Bronze version 6.003 has been replaced with 6.004 which can be downloaded from this site. This update is free. In a few days a further revision will be released - 6.005.

The CPU demand will be very high. This is always the case with all versions of TrueBASIC.

I assume you were attempting to use the back-space key to erase the previous character. This works perfectly in our tests. You also mentioned that the cursor navigates very slowly. If you have ColorText switched on then the screen display is slower because the entire page has to be analyzed in order to render the text in the correct colors.

Are you saying the cursor cannot keep up with your typing? Or are you saying you cannot move it along a line with the cursor keys (arrows) fast enough? Or are you saying you cannot change pages fast enough? The only case where the cursor is slow is changing pages. This is because the speed has been changed so that users can accurately move up or down one line at a time. If you wish to change pages quickly then use PageUp or PageDn or use the scroll bar.

Have you got another application running at the same time? This could significantly affect the speed.

Big John