TB Editor - National characters

Version 6.004, Windows 7

TB editor does not support national characters like äöåÄÅÖ in Finnish keyboard.

Also Euro value sign € (altgr-E) and Pound value sign £ (altgr-3) does not work.

¨ - does not work: I cannot make ü.



Accented national characters

The latest modification to the editor enables national accented characters to be recognized. I have tested this in field tests in Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark and Germany.

CAUTION: Filenames that contain accented characters when zipped may not be correctly unzipped. This will depend on the type of zip utility you are using. I would advise that you test your zip utility program to make sure that filenames containing accented characters are not corrupted during the unzip process.

Big John


Hi Kalle,

I have resolved the problem with international characters not printing in the editor. The sub-routine SYS_EVENT has a strange way of interpretting these characters. It gives negative values for key code numbers. I have made corrections to the editor, but really the TrueCTRL library needs to be modified because this problem will affect other users in their own programs - not just the new editor.

I have just released version 6.005, but I will send you a copy of a modified version of 6.005 which I would like you to test. Trying to test non English words with an English keyboard is very difficult. In my case it takes 6 keystrokes to produce Ä.

If the modified editor works correctly for you I will include the modification in the next version 6.006.

If you send me an e-mail to engine@clara.net I will send you a link where you can download this special version.

Big John

Keyboard characters


The editor supports all 255 ASCii characters. If you select a font that contains the characters that you want then the editor will dispaly them. The default font is COURIER but you can change this under the settings menu.

If you use the GET KEY keynum statement, what values does it give for the Euro symbol and the umlaut letters. If they are beyond 255 then that is why the editor does not display them. I will look at the editor code to see if I can extend the range.

Big John

Keyboard characters

F.EX next code hooks national characters correctly in Finnish KB layout when I run it:

IF how = 27 THEN
ELSEIF how < 256 then
LET how$ = lcase$(CHR$(Mod(how,256)))
LET how$ = Ucase$(Chr$(Mod(how,256)))
PRINT how; " ";chr$(how); " ";lhow$;" "; how$


And it shows that Ä = 196 / C4, ä = 228 / E4, ö = 246 / F6, Ö = 214 / D6 , € = 128 / 80, £ = 163 / A3



Problem is: True Basic Editor does not hooks nothing from keys between P to ~ and L to ' and some AltGr-combinations from next keyboard layout (Finnish):


Those three keys are physichally blind in TB editor.

But signs $ (altgr-4), [ (altgr-8) and ] (altgr-9) works in editor.

I don't need letters Ä and Ö and value sign € inside code, because I can write .ini file to hold every titles etc. but...



In Finnish language Ä letter is about every 20th letter in text and it is really LETTER, not umlaut.
In many most common words we have 'Ä': mother = äiti, father = isä, I = minä, four = neljä, monitor = näyttö, to see = nähdä, input = syötä, to eat = syödä, cancer = syöpä (illness just eats body)...
And using 'A' against 'Ä' letter confuses f.ex. I write 'saari' it means 'island' and 'sääri' means 'leg', 'saali' is 'showel' and 'sääli' is 'pity'.
And also last names Paakkonen and Pääkkönen is not same. ;)

Finnish Keyboard

Hi Kalle,

I understand what you are saying. The problem here is that version 6 editor picks up keyboard data with SYS_EVENT, not with GET KEY. I detected some differences between these two in version 6.004 and I made some changes in 6.005 (to be released soon). I will check whether SYS_EVENT is still blind to certain keystrokes. It is important to resolve this issue.

Big John