Great Work

What is changed inside True Basic language over 20 year?

About nothing.

True Basic is just like RISL (Reduced Instruction Set Language)

I think, Mr. Kemeny and Mr. Kutrz have developed perfect language kernel in middle 1980's.

About a month ago I asked what new is (step by step list) in version 6 and I got answer: new editor.

I was little disappointed but:

Now I've examined version 2.0 user's guide, 2.0 reference, 2.01 Supplement, ... TBV5, 5.x Bronze, Silver and Golg edition Guides and 6 Gold edition guide.
(Some pages must update to 2000 ...)

Yep: Language 'kernel' have written perfect by Kemeny-Kurtz and almost additions are in libraries and written by True Basic.

And new editor written by TB itself is very great job.

Regards for BigJohn