I recently purchased the then "new" TB Gold 5.5; and also Big John Arscott's very excellent library modules from his web site. However the TDX Module won't work because as John says in the instructions, the version of TRUCTRL.TRC must be "19 JUNE 2009" or later.

Why is it that the version shipped with TB Gold 5.5 was "2 AUG 2002"? How is one supposed to get this latest version of TRUECTRL.TRC which will allow the TDX module to function?

For the $280 I paid for this "TB Gold" I find this sort of problem very disappointing indeed.

Any help will be appreciated.

Mike C.

P.S. All the other modules will also work in TB Silver 5.33, and they are a definite improvement over what is built into TB. Everyone should try these.


Modifies TrueCTRL


Send me an e-mail to and will send you a modified copy od TrueCTRL. Basically the modified version has a PUBLIC variable that tells CTX which window is currently active.

Big John

Modified TrueCTRL

Email on the way...
Thanks, Big John

Regards, Mike C.


Hi Mike,

Recently I discovered that TC_event has a flaw that returns negative values for KEYPRESS events when using foreign characters, e.g. Ä
As you know only character numbers 0 to 255 can be printed and you get an error message for values outside this. I have added a modification to TrueCTRL that corrects this problem. The update I will send you has this latest correction.

Big John


I appreciate all this very much.
Regards, Mike C.