You might remember this post:

    Took your advice - removed TB6 and reinstalled it in "C:\TrueBASIC GOLD v6"
    When I ran it, it ran under TB5 - had not thought it necessary to remove the directory.
    Renamed the directory to X-TB5 and ran the under-construction from within C:\TrueBASIC GOLD v6 - worked fine EXCEPT I had to go back and fix the TBLIBS references in the program.
    Double-clicking from the location of the new program would not work - for some reason it thought it was an adobe file (this took a bit to figure out and fix).
    Under properties, I browsed to and selected TBEDITOR. It would NOT select. I can select and open it with either 531tbsystem or tbsystem but it refuses to recognize TBEDITOR so there's no editing.

I have reformatted my laptop hard drive and installed TB6.004. So, I am working with a virgin copy of XP SP3. I have been editing a copy of my current program which I initially loaded from my zip drive. I had also copied it to my hard drive after exiting and was surprised to learn that TB - if it doesn't find the last file worked - exits immediately. I'm sure that's a selection I can make in the program.

Anyway, I just stuck my zip drive into my laptop to pick up another program I wanted to work on - and guess what? It thinks all these *.tru files are Adobe Reader files. That is, after I've opened "properties" and navigated to tbeditor in C:\Truebas ...

I'm beginning to think this is a genuine bug.



File associations

Hi Ron,

I have experienced that file association issue myself - actually it seems to be a Windows issue rather than a TB one. For some reason Windows doesn't always retain the file association - the setting that tells it to always use TBEDITOR.EXE to open .TRU and .TRC files.

The solution is to manually set the default program to use for files of those types. In Vista and Windows 7 this is done with the "Default Programs" tool, found on the Start menu and in the Control Panel.


On XP, this looks like it's in "Folder Options" in the control panel. Doesn't work - will not even change the icon.

Open with

Here is an article from Microsoft Support that addresses setting file associations in XP SP3.

Here is a more technical article on how to change the association within the registry - a solution needed when the problem is persistent. This is targeted toward Vista and Windows 7 but the idea is the same.

Unfortunately these are Windows issues which we can't control, but we will investigate them further.