Reporting bugs

Hi everybody,

It is my personal belief that we should be open and frank about reporting bugs - and we should be equally quick to resolve them. How else will we get a really robust and reliable editor?
In this context I would like to publicly thank Prof Rick Tarara for his fantastic detective work in discovering deeply buried bugs, and for his countless suggestions for improvements. Some of these bugs require a complex combination of events before they appear. In some cases the bugs are not directly related to the editor, but are the result of bugs in TrueCtrl or in the TBsystem file. Nevertheless, we are gradually resolving them.
The editor has come a long way in a short time since version 6.001 and will continue to improve. At the same time extra features will be incorporated in each new release. The latest new feature is the ability to color blocks of text. This is particularly useful when you are modifying a program and want to instantly see where those modified lines are located.

Big John