6.005 Updater Available

For users of v6.001-6.004, an automatic updater to 6.005 is now available here and on the Downloads page under Software Updates. Includes updated documentation. The updated documentation is available separately here.

This updater will quickly update your previously installed copy to version 6.005. You must have a full version installed (6.001 or later) to use this updater.

NEW FEATURES version 6.005

(1) The editor has always lacked a reliable means of stopping a program that is running. If the program has run into a problem that hangs the computer, there was no provision for escaping from this condition except by invoking TASK MANAGER. The editor now has a dialog box containing a STOP button that will instantly stop any running program.This feature works with Windows XP, VISTA and WINDOWS 7. Earlier versions of Windows back to win98 can also stop programs running by the same method provided the utility program called KILL.EXE is present in the parent directory.

(2) The editor source code is normally bound with version 5.31 TBsystem binder. This puts a limitation on the length of pathnames that can be used. However, when the source is bound with version 5.5b19, this limitation is improved significantly. However, there is a flaw in the SYS_EVENT sub-routine that produces incorrect key code values. This prevents the editor from using the cursor keys (arrows) reliably. As a result the editor will continue to be bound with Version 5.31 TBsystem file.

(3) A new text coloring feature has now been added. If you are modifying a program, you may wish to print the modifications in a different color so you can easily recognize what changes you have made. This is now possible by adding a color signature to each line. This done by highlighting the block of modified text and pressing the keys (#) for blue or (%) for red. This is a toggle action, so you can remove the color signatures by highlighting the same block of text and pressing either (#) or (%).


Program stop

I have been using the 5.005 update (well the development versions) for some time now. Initially I thought the same--that the stop button after each run would be burdensome, but you get use to it pretty easily. Knowing what was necessary to provide this control, I am not sure there is a better way here. Bottom line, we may have to live with the minor inconvenience in order to have the NECESSARY 'kill' control.


6.005 updater

One of the features of the 6.005 version is the ability to "stop" a program that is hung. I have upgraded to the new version and find that the dialog box containing the stop feature comes up after every run of a program segment even if the run was successful. Is that the intention for this dialog box? I thought that perhaps it, the dialog box, would only appear if a program was hung or otherwise not operating properly. As it is now it is quite annoying if it is going to come up each time a program is run. Any suggestions?

Edit: In fact you must now click the 'stop' button in order to be able to go back to writing your code. It appears as though the dialog box holds the program UNTIL the stop or cancel button is clicked - not good!


STOP button


The STOP button does indeed come up every time you run. How else would the editor know when you wanted to use the emergency stop? By the time you want to use the STOP it is already too late because your computer may be hung by something in the running program. I agree it is an inconvenience to cancel the STOP after a successful run, but the problem here is that the editor doesn't know whether the run was successful or not - it just knows you have finished using the TBsystem file. I will look again to see if there is a more elegant way to do it.

Big John

Stop Button

John, 1. Thank you for your explanation concerning the stop button.

2. Thank you also for "looking again" with a mind toward a "more elegant way to do it."

I very much appreciate your efforts.

EDIT: Meanwhile I have rolled back to V 6.004 and will contend with the Task Manager in the rare case of a program hang. For me, this is a better option than having to deal with the stop button every time anything is run.

Stop button

Hi John
A nice red button on the tool bar that becomes active when a program is run would be nice.