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Many posts here refer to the bugs in the TB 5.5 system file and recommend us to bind programs with the earlier version. My question is this. Is anybody trying to fix these bugs. John is doing an excellent job with the editor which I think has helped to drag TB into the 21st century but what about the other things. Many issues are listed here in various posts on this forum, are they being dealt with? As much as I would like to see further features added to the language I would much rather see the present bugs ironed out.

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Version 5.5

Hi Dave,

The default TBsystem file for the new editor is version 5.5. In other words for most applications version 5.5 is safe to use, and has the advantage that no DLLs are required for bound programs.

The new editor itself makes very heavy demands on the TBsystem file and uses many features that the ordinary user would not use - for example, how many times would you need to use SHIFT and the cursor keys (arrow keys)? However, the new editor does need to use these keys so any bugs in version 5.5 that affect these keys means we cannot use this version reliably.

As you correctly observe, these bugs should be eliminated. Here is where the problems begin. I don't know if the source code for the TBsystem file even exists, so repairing it is a secondary issue. The primary issue is to find the source, and locate what resources it needs and how it is constructed. Once this has been done, we can attempt to repair the series of small bugs.

Big John