Stack frame error

Some of my programs written in TrueBASIC Silver 5.5. show a sign "Stack frame error" when opening the source code. Pressing Run closes the source window. Reopening the source gives the same result. Opening the source directly by clicking its icon or opening it from the source window Open command gives the same result. I havew tried to delete parts of the source, which seems to help, but then the program does not work, of course. Anybodey who knows what's going on?

Folke Stenman


Stack Frame Error in TB 5.603

Tried the compatibility mode for Windows 98. Does not work, either. I am using Windows XP SP3. Help!

stack frame error

This is not (or at least is not listed as) a True Basic error. Under what OS were the programs written and what OS are you now running? If you are running XP or later, try the compatibility settings for either your executable programs or for TBSYSTEM if you are running through the editor.


Stack frame error

Haa! I set Windows 2000 compatibility and the problem is solved - at least for the time being. Thanks for the tip!