Complete System update (to the 21st Century

If it ever becomes financially feasible, it would, IMO, be useful for TrueBasic to hire (again) a programmer who could 'fix' the most recent (5.5x) system files. The convenience of no DLLs and not being limited by 128 character path names (already in 5.5) are all but essential, but too many system errors crept into these newer versions. They could be fixed. It would also be nice to get rid of some of the DOS level limitations in the language. For example--It is almost impossible to have a file much larger than 5000 lines before running into memory/file errors. YES you can get around this by breaking large programs into MODULES, but that is actually a pain since you now have to get into the complications of being sure common variables (common or shared between modules) are declared in each module. This is the kind of complication that TrueBasic avoids in smaller programs. So--fix the system errors (BigJohn surely has a whole list of those) and update the system programs to the capabilities of current machines--certainly anything running a Pentium or newer level processor. Tall order I know--you need someone who can get into at least the B-code level--maybe deeper!



complete system update

I'd just like to second Rick's suggestions. With the advent of Windows 7, the statistical software that I've written ( is now officially "legacy" code, requiring compatibility settings. It would be good to have a 64-bit version of True Basic, one with the system errors fixed. (I have to bind with 5.32 and distribute the .dll files with my programs). Any hope that we will be able to program for touch-screen devices someday?

Bill Roberts

Using TB with Windows 8 touch screen


Of course I endorse any moves to bring TB more up to date. One of the obstacles to this progress is the fact that TB continues to function on the lastest Windows versions despite its age.
I developed a commercial program back in 2010 which was intended to run under Windows XP, which it did without problems. This program was translated into 10 different languages and used extensively in many different countries and locations. It also ran under Vista and Windows 7 without modification. More recently four extra languages have been added and the operating system has changed to Windows 8 touch screen tablets. The only change I had to make was to force the program to refresh the screen in certain places because Windows 8 doesn't work the same way as earlier versions. I'm not saying TB is perfect but it does have enduring features that help it to survive.

How about .TRC -> Java

As long as we're dreaming here, it might be an idea to build an interpreter that translates tokenized True Basic (.trc) files to Java byte code, so it gets executed by the current JVM. Fast, cross-platform, and somebody else does the bug fixes, migration, etc. Easier said than done, I know.

TB agenda

Hi Rick,

Rest assured that this is on our agenda and we will be tackling it as soon as we can. In the meantime we appreciate the bug/issue reports - every one helps us make the TB we have now, the best it can be.

fixing and updating the 5.5 sysem files

Well, two years on -- is there any progress? Since this is no doubt a financial issue, I'd like to say that at least one user, namely me, would be willing to shell out several hundred dollars for True Basic Gold version 7.

True Basic is a great product, and I've enjoyed using it; it's a shame to see it become obsolescent. :(