how to bypass unidentified user message when signing on

When we sign on to the program as administrator, we receive an unidenfied user message and click on "allow" each time. How can we have it allow access every time without that extra step?

Also, we wrote a program to solve quadratic equations and after fixing the several errors (line by line) and hit run, we receive a message stating "Undefined routine inputcofficient in main program" Our program has three subprograms, and the main program is only about four lines. We went thru it line by line and cannot find any errors. Any suggestions?


Permissions settings

To address your first question - you've run up against the Windows Vista/7 User Account Control setting. You can adjust this in the User Accounts section of the Control Panel. Note that depending on your network environment and how many people use your computer, you may want to leave it as is. You can get more information about this in he User Accounts section and within Windows Help.

Program error


My guess is that you have used something like:


somewhere in your program. This could be an array or it could be a sub routine, hence the error message.

Big John