There seems to be a problem with some printers and the Version 6 editor. I would like to conduct a poll here in the forum of any and everyone willing.

Bring up a short file in the Version 6 editor and from the FILE menu, try to print. If it doesn't print you will probably get an error listed in the status bar at the bottom of the editor. If it doesn't work, try LISTING from the same menu.


Post a quick note here:

Type of printer (HP, EPSON, etc. -- model # if known)
Operating System (XP,VISTA,WIN7)

We are trying to get this problem isolated in terms of which printers work and which don't. I personally have three different HP printers, three different operating systems, and none work, but Big John's Epson printer works fine. Any additional data would be helpful

Rick Tarara



System: Windows XP Home
Printer: Canon iP4600
TrueBasic Bronze 6.005, downloaded May 2011

Program: single page listing, uses arrays and simple plot routine. Works fine.

Print the program: NO!
Error message:
Subscript out of bounds
360 in new_print_source_window,146 in print_source_window, 1869 in Source_window_filemenu in Main program, 601 in Main program

Computer locks up. Need to enter Task Manager (CTRL/ALT/DEL) and "End Task".
Then restart TrueBasic.

List: YES, no problems

No issues with any other programs I run (MS Office, Open Office, various CAD programs, FEA program Photo-editing, etc)

Graeme Sanders


We haven't seen errors like this with Canon printers, and haven't been able to reproduce your error in testing. If you are able to reproduce it, please let us know exactly step-by-step how you do this and we can go from there. It might also help to provide the code you are trying to print.

RE: Printing From the Editor


Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
TrueBasic Silver 6.005
Various Printers but mainly HP Laserjet P4015, HP Laserjet CP3525


Using the Universal Driver is not an option, i am not forgoing all the features that come with a specific driver just to use TrueBasic, it isnt the only thing we use the printers for in a school you know. and if you think i am replacing drivers for 60 printers all under 5 years old on nearly 500 machines, think again.

I would have expected something as basic as this to have been tested prior to roll out.

HP conflicts

Unfortunately, we can't test every possible scenario our users might encounter but we do our best to be thorough and then to address issues if and when they arise. The universal driver was the solution proposed to us by HP, who also directed us to have users contact HP support directly to solve the problem. If you do this and they are able to work it out for you, let us know.

Of course these are temporary solutions while we worked to solve the issue on our end, which has been done with the next update, 6.006. The update will be available as a free download as soon as it's released.

Thanks for helping us identify these issues so we can resolve them as quickly as possible.

RE: Printing From the Editor

I get "Trouble with printer. Printing cancelled." when trying to print. I get no error message but no lising either with the Listing menu choice.

I'm using TB 6.005 on Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit with SP1.
I have an HP Photosmart Premium C410a printer with the latest driver installed.

re: Printing from the editor

Yes, this is exactly the behavior seen on 3 other HP machines. With HP printers holding 60% of the market, this is something currently being explored and worked on. Turns out the 5.5x versions work fine with these printers. Big John is working at trying to extract the printing utilities from 5.5 to work with the 6.0 editor since there are other serious problems with 5.5 editor that are all but impossible to fix without getting into the core of the language, and that requires someone with the expertise to work with the source code.


Re: Printer Problems

The generic printer driver isn't a solution. 1st of all I can print FROM TrueBasic programs that I write to my printers. 2nd--One printer is on a Vista Machine, another on a Win7 machine, and the third is networked--printer drivers are the most recent available. Obviously I can't change the networked printer driver (a recent and expensive laser printer), and my other two printers are all-in-ones so the printer software has to handle all the functions. In my mind, to be a viable product, TrueBasic needs to work generally with HP printers without owners having to go back two or three generations of drivers and machines. I can understand one or two old or odd models, but that's not what we are talking about here. HP printers are too ubiquitous to write off--especially in school situations and even moreso with networked printer such as what I work with at the College. If we can find a work-around to this problem, it would be far better than the foisting the problem back on the printer owners.


HP printers

Hi Rick,

There is a known issue between TB and certain HP printers - if you search the forum you'll find a few threads about it. The response from HP was that users experiencing the problem should download their universal driver (link in this earlier forum post), and contact tech support individually if the problem persists. They weren't willing to talk about adapting their drivers, rather wanted to bill the support time to people's service agreements.

If people are having printing issues with printers other than HP, let us know and we'll look into it.



Cannon Pixma MP160 printer/scanner
Windows Vista 32 bit all service packs and updates installed
True Basic Gold 6.005