How do I get True Basic to recognize a new printer?


re: printing

In general, True Basic will simply use the default printer as setup by your operating system.

Within a program code similar to:

Open #4: Printer
Print #4: "This is a test"
Close #4

should do the trick.

If you are using any system version 5.5x you should have no problems. Versions 5.3x and 5.4x seem to have problems with newer HP printers. Version 6 will print from programs using the above IF the language system being used is 5.5x (5.5b19 being the last released version) but may have problems with HP printers if the 5.31 system that the editor uses is also used as the language system.

So--what version of TrueBasic are you using, what are you actually trying to print (something from within a program or the program listing from the editor)? If things aren't working, what kind of printer are you using?