Printing Graphics on Large Paper

Is there any way that graphics generated by TB can be made to plot on, and fill up, larger paper, say 11x17" or 13x17"?? This would be extremely useful for CAD drawings, family tree plotting, and several other applications.
I know there is a module BigJohn has that deals with large boxkeeps but don't really see how to plot text or graphics with it.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Mike C.


plotting on a printer


The library module called PWLIB.TRC treats the printer as if it were just another window. If you use:
ASK PIXELS xpix,ypix
then a normal A4 printer will return something like xpix=2800 and ypix=3600.
Any graphics statement that works on the screen also works on the printer, such as BOX statements and PLOT TEXT AT...etc.
The quality of hard copy prints is considerably better than can be obtained on a monitor screen. For example if you set the font point size to 1, then you will be unable to read any print on the screen, but on the printer the text can be easily read (with a magnifying glass).
A larger printer will obviously return more pixels for xpix and ypix.

PWLIB is not yet documented, but I am working on that.

Big John

Module PWLIB.trc

Thanks, Big John.
Fantastic. This sounds like exactly like what I need.
Will that PWLIB appear on your site where the CTX, etc. are located? Please advise when it becomes available.

Regards, Mike C.