Breakpoint bug in TBbronzeDemo 6.005

Debug mode with breakpoints set gives cryptic error message under following:

Source code has OPTION TYPO set with e.g. break points at line 9 and line 26
Error Message
ProgramName:10:88:Unknown variable.
ProgramName:27:88:Unknown variable.

Error always occurs on line+1 after break point in the 88 char position.
Only resolution is to comment out OPTION TYPO.

regards, Mike Petersen


Breakpoint bug

Hi Mike,

This is not just a breakpoint bug. I think that any program that uses OPTION TYPO may also give similar errors.

The reason for this is that the TBsystem file has a bug that truncates long PRINT statements on the very first line. To overcome this, a couple of extra lines are added to any source program that the user attempts to run. The variables in these extra lines are not declared as LOCAL hence the error message "unknown variable" when you use OPTION TYPO.

I will attempt to cure this problem in the next release (Version 6.006).

Big John