"unspecified interpreter errors"--TBG 6.005

After I installed TB Gold 6.005 in both 32 bit win xp and 64 bit win 7 I started getting "unspecified interpreter errors" My fix was to go back to TB 6.004.

It happened with several prorams I wrote. One program that did this was the Deminptm.tru program that comes with the installation in the demos folder. Also the deminpt.tru program.

I tried running these programs under TBSYSTEM and they ran OK, telling me that the problem was in TBEDITOR. Often there was a long delay during the compile cycle before the error appeared.


still get them on 6.004 also

deminptm ran once without error, now gives the same error on 6.004.

I uninstalled using TB uninstall program and reinstalled but the error persists.