Problem with TBEditor and/or TBGold Opening to the Previously Run Program

I am running TBGold V.6 in Win7 64 bit. As per previous direction from the TB team, I have installed TBGold V.6 at C:\Users\Public\TBGold V6.

There is a problem with the apparent default that TBGold/TBEditor opens attempting to show the last previously run program. If this program was on a thumb drive, which is either not mounted or from which the previous program has been removed, TB aborts and there is now way to start TB. This appears to means there is no access to other functioning TB programs mounted on the main computer. What are the options? Do I have to reinstall the program TB is looking for on the thumb drive? It seems like TB should allow for this exception.




You are correct about the editor failing to start if the previous last file used is missing. This has been addressed in the latest release 6.006. As a temporary measure erasing the TBEDITS.CFG file will allow the editor to restart.

Big John

re: Editor wants to open last file

This is another known problem that is being addressed. There is a fix though. Delete the TBEDITS.cfg file in the TrueBasic folder. This contains the restart info. Without the cfg file the editor will open an Untitled window. (Once fixed, this will be the default behavior when the 'last used' file in not found.