plot lines: 1,1;3,1;2,2;1,1 is supposed to produce a triangle, according to page 136 of the manual, Instead it results in a blank window. No error message but no triangle. So there is something missing. What is it?


RE: graphics

If you're trying to run that statement by itself, I see why you don't see the output. The default window is 0 to 1 in the x direction and 0 to 1 in the y direction. Your plot is off the screen. Try the following:

SET WINDOW -4,4,-4,4
PLOT LINES: 1,1;3,1;2,2;1,1

This creates a window big enough to see your triangle.
The examples in the manual aren't meant to be run by themselves. You have to run them in the context of a larger program.

Tom Lake


To Tom Lakes: your solution works and I thank you for it. I've worked with DOS TrueBasic -pro for many years but have zero experience with GOLD.
William Corcoran