"TBEDCOMPILE"/account permissions, permanent fix

Depending on individual user account settings in Vista and Windows 7, some users have been experiencing errors running TB v6, such as the "TBEDCOMPILE.EXE is missing" error. Running TB as administrator fixes this, but it's necessary to do that each time you start the program. Following is a procedure to modify the settings to permanently grant the necessary permissions for TB to work properly.

1. Browse to the top-level installation folder for True BASIC, right-click the folder icon, select Properties and then the Security tab.

Find the group or user name that applies to you (depending on your account permissions) or whichever group you want to enable to use TB. As you click on the different user group names, you will see how each has different permissions. If you installed the program under your user account, CREATOR OWNER will apply to you. Depending on your account setup, you could be either CREATOR OWNER, in the Administrators group or the Users group (or a combination of those). Change the permissions for each group that would apply to you (or other users who need to run TB on that computer). Note that these permissions will apply only to the TB installation folder; they are not system-wide, so the security or accessibility of other applications is not affected.

2. Select the user group or name that applies, then click Edit. Check Allow for Full Control, then click Apply and OK. Repeat this process for any other user groups you need to change. If Full Control is not appropriate for your installation, giving Write access will also work.

Users with these permissions should now be able to run TB with no read/write errors and no need to select "run as administrator" each time the program is started. This also enables TB installations in the default C:\Program Files (x86) directory.


"TBEDCOMPILE"/account permissions, permanent fix

OS: Windows 7 Pro x64
TrueBasic Gold ver 6.006

The advised fix didn't work because:
Truebasic Gold v6 installs itself in C:\Program Files (x86)
In Windows 7 Pro x64 even administrators are not allowed to exercise
'FULL CONTROL' over the above folder.

A fix that does work is to copy the contents of the TrueBasic Gold v6 folder to: C:\PrgTrueBasicGold6.
Administrators can be granted full control over this folder, thus making TBedCOMPILE.exe useable. TBedCOMPILE still has major problems, see the 6.x bug reports.


Thank you for this suggestion.

By installing the program in C:\Program Files (x86), this did help my problem with not being able to associate TrueBasic with .tru files, which was the case when I was running from my user directory. After reinstallation, I went through the settings as described, but I cannot run a simple program. TB complains that TBedCompile.exe is missing. When I click OK (only option) the screen gets the jitters. I think this has fixed nothing for me.

I am running Win7 64 bit. I have been a TB user for more than 20 years. The frustrations of running this software on Win7 64 bit continue to be quite high. It is hard to understand that TrueBasic really believed this program was ready for prime time on these machines. I never had these frustrations with previous versions on earlier Windows (or Mac) operating systems.

Brad Smith


Some users have also assigned the administrator role permanently to the TBEDITOR.EXE file itself, achieving a permanent resolution: right-click TBEDITOR.EXE, go to Properties, Compatibility tab, then under the Privilege Level click the "Run this program as an administrator" checkbox.


Glad to hear that the file association issue has resolved for you.

It's necessary to assign full control or at least write permissions to the top-level installation folder so that TB can write temporary files to this directory as part of the normal workings of the editor. Double-check that you've updated the permissions (as above) for that folder and you should be up and running.

Windows' new file protection procedures have certainly thrown a monkey wrench into our usual works and we appreciate everyone's patience while we work it out. It's challenging because not every user encounters these issues and it's not possible to test every possible scenario, so as they arise we address them and work on permanent fixes when we identify the root cause.