Library creation, GOLD6

I need help creating a new library, GOLD6
1, I wrote a program "Survey.tru". It has subs srv1,srv2,srv3, and works fine,
2. Based on pages xv and 99 of the Manual, I first inserted "External" as the first line following Comment lines, then removed End from the bottom of the file, and finally clicked on Compile. I saved as "Survey.trc".
3. Later I wrote a short trial program incorporating "Library 'Survey.trc" ", and tried Run, but got "No such library" as an error message
4. So what should I do now ?
Bill Corcoran




I suspect that the TB program you are running doesn't know where your library module is located. If you put the full pathname in your library statement then it will probably work.

The main problem here is that the TB editor is programmed to look into various folders in an attempt to find your libraries. If you are running from the editor then the default folder is ..\TBlibs. If you are running a bound program the default will be the folder where you launched your program from.

The best advice is to always use full pathnames, then you will have no problems.

Big John